Thunderbird (yes, Mozilla’s email client) doesn’t know how to open URL’s in Firefox out of the box. How is stuff like that even possible? I’m continually amazed that Thunderbird doesn’t get more love from Mozilla. Fix it like this:

  • Close Thunderbird
  • Get the path to firefox with [which firefox]
  • Find the Thunderbird preferences file, something like this:
  • Add this:
    user_pref("", "/path/to/firefox");
    user_pref("", "/path/to/firefox");
    user_pref("", "/path/to/firefox");

Ahhh much better. Silly!

I’m really enjoying Thunderbird these days. My add-ons, for my own reference…

Adblock Plus
Display Mail User Agent
Environment Proxy
Contacts Sidebar
Attachment Extractor
Auto Zip Attachments
Tag Toolbar
View Headers toggle button

I run AMD64 gentoo so I had to find the x86_64 build of lightning, here – it’s an entire sweet calendar/todo app!

AMD64 Lightning

Also considering these but they don’t seem quite ready/useful yet…

Mnenhy (tweaks)
Country Lookup
TB Properties
Sync Kolab (IMAP contacts)
Quote Colors