I’m not a fan of java, but I am a firm believer in using the right tool for the job. Eclipse CDT is turning out to be the IDE of choice these days. I’ll update this as I get deeper…


  1. John says:

    Java? What’s the job?

    I’ve used eclipse for things that absolutely need debugging, but for the most part I edit with Multi-Edit (remember those days?) and build with ant on the command line. Mesa old school, me is!

  2. m says:

    Job = banging on mythtv (I’m only relying on Java to run Eclipse). I’m hoping to bring HangTheDJ concepts over into a new plugin. Hate talking about it before I’ve gotten anywhere on it, tho! I guess one comment is okay… :>

    Multi-Edit whoop! Good man. I hate having to learn a new editor, it’s very painful. I finally got up to speed with Emacs and now I’m trying Eclipse instead. And I’m moving to Visual Studio 2008, too. Too much pain!

    Have you used git for source control? Trying to set it up so I can pull in updates and still keep my changes overlayed, all from several different machines. I’ll post about it if I get it working! 😛

    What’s your latest fun gig? Getting any time for terminus lately?

  3. John says:

    I’ve dreamed about customizing Eclipse and making it my full-time editor for everything on every platform. Have never made the attempt, though.

    I’ve been progressing on Terminus, when I am not working on wavis or playing BioShock or Zelda. The third Terminus campaign is moving along. Sloooooow burn, my man 🙂

  4. m says:

    If you go with Eclipse, start with the “Eclipse CDT” package, it’s pretty good. Here’s more info.

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