I recently bumped my primary email/database/webserver box up to date. Now all my gentoo boxes are past the annoyingly useless tweaks required for gentoo’s baselayout2. I love gentoo land, where every bit of pain is a lesson. This one included…

  • all the usual baselayout2 annoyances
  • cyrus-imapd, my own personal nightmare, got bumped and added a [mysql] use flag, triggered by my global [mysql] flag (bad idea?) – kept crashing until I removed that flag; razor spamassassin plugin also needed some love
  • crazy smoking-appliances power outage in the middle of the massive [emerge -DavuN world] – my employer Progress Energy did a good job of fixing an underground cable fault (even though it took them from 10pm to 4am)
  • texlive was so old it took me oodles of [emerge world]’ing and unmerging and revdep-rebuild’ing and depclean’ing and manual pruning to get it cooperating
  • moving the kernel from 2.6.old-as-dust to 3.2, lots of unnecessary annoying bits, including oldconfig handling that defaulted to adding 1000 unneeded NIC drivers
  • and the bang-your-head-til-it-hurts award… after converting network settings to openrc (in /etc/conf.d/net now), after rebooting, eth1 somehow popped up as the primary route for all traffic – it’s always a minor inconvenience when you can’t reach the internet. removing the eth1 gateway address had me humming again.

and away we go…

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