Good lord things are getting out of hand in Python land.

I recently bumped up my entire server with the typical emerge –world and –depclean and revdep-rebuild. To get trac working again, I had to jump through some hoops…

  • bump my entire machine, watch trac fail with “ImportError: No module named trac.web.main”
  • run python-updater (which didn’t seem to do enough?)
  • upgrade to unstable trac 1.0.1
  • re-emerge world to upgrade all six versions of python (either new versions were posted overnight or apparently installations were damaged by –depclean?)
  • set active version of python back from 3.2 to 2.7 with eselect
  • re-emerge mod_wsgi
  • restart apache

Of course I did a LOT MORE than that to figure out that that’s what I had to do! 🙂

Ahh the price of fame.

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