At some point, refind stopped booting up my Macbook, and I had to use the Option (read: Alt if you’re not drinking the koolaid) key on startup to get back into OS X.  For which the drive was completely full.  Some things I went through to get going again:

  • deleted my partition table during a fit of aggressive frustration.  That was useful!  Fortunately I had gparted up and running when I did it, so with a litle math, I was able to rebuild the partition using sfdisk (also sgdisk and gdisk and … but sfdisk instructions here were clear).
  • I need to boot my Macbook with no keyboard or mouse plugged in (I suspect the mouse was nonstandard and causing driver issues)
  • Reinstall refind, and actually follow the instructions to put the boot driver in the specified place.
  • Use [nouveau.noaccel=1] with ANY recent ubuntu on my Macbook to get past nvidia hardware lockup – follow these steps to get a real nvidia driver installed that won’t lock up:
     sudo ubuntu-drivers devices      # get list of drivers
     sudo apt-get install nvidia-###  # choose ### from list
  • Make the call and reinstall OSes as needed.  Ubuntu was fairly painless to reinstall on top of existing install, now that I have great notes on setting it up, and I am getting pretty good at saving my configurations.  Remember to keep config files pushed to repo as you change them!

Down to three OSes now, ubuntu, windows, OS X.

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