I have been so happy with my gentoo boxes lately, having had zero problems for the past few months, and no itch to bump. I must have lucked out and hit a really stable spot in the ever-changing world of open source.

But I don’t want to get too comfortable. Much longer and I probably won’t have a clean upgrade path. Besides, I think I smell something shiny out there somewhere… Seriously, I am looking forward to the latest XBMC changes. That software absolutely rocks.

Here we go! (continued…)

Sitebar is the greatest bookmark manager, I run my own server and once again control my own destiny! Check it out if you are interested in a great LAMP bookmarking solution. After you set up your own server, make sure you get the Firefox plugin! Or roll your own version, like I did on my portal.

Recently, I kept having to re-login because my session information kept getting lost. My workaround was to add my server domain to Firefox’s Tools->Options->Privacy->Cookies->Exceptions list, to “always allow”. I had to add the “second level domain” (without the “www”) to get it to work.

I’m very happy now with the latest stable version (3.3.9), but I’ll probably jump on 3.4 when it becomes marked as “stable”, soon… then I can have fun with stuff like this!