I’ve put off upgrading my XBMC media center forever, as it has Just Worked for years, and I was using an old hw raid box that newer kernels didn’t like.

Then a drive in my raid went bad, and I realized I’d better upgrade or die. I started by copying the system to a second drive and trying to reboot off of that. But the root was ext3 and the second drive was ext4 and it wasn’t going to work without some tweaking, which is hard on an oooold system. So it was “put up or shut up” time…

Here are the adventures of me brutalizing my old gentoo box into upgrading (let’s see you do THAT with any other three-year-old distro)… (continued…)

I have been so happy with my gentoo boxes lately, having had zero problems for the past few months, and no itch to bump. I must have lucked out and hit a really stable spot in the ever-changing world of open source.

But I don’t want to get too comfortable. Much longer and I probably won’t have a clean upgrade path. Besides, I think I smell something shiny out there somewhere… Seriously, I am looking forward to the latest XBMC changes. That software absolutely rocks.

Here we go! (continued…)