From the “better than banjos” department…

My friend Keith Lea is the man. I called him with my network troubles, and he set me straight as an arrow. I had an old Dlink wireless router serving as my main wireless access point, for the girls’ computer and the downstairs laptop. It was working fine, but now it was time to add the Myth box to the wireless smorgasbord, and go from wireless-b to -g.

I played with a super-cheap Zonet wireless-g dongle, and after hours of playing with the two competing wireless architectures on linux (cmon, you guys, put your heads TOGETHER), as well as digging up the right driver (or is it? there are newer untested versions, etc. Ack!), I got the stupid thing working except for the fact that it would not take my WEP key. Screw it, there is a better way.

If I could set up a wireless bridge downstairs, I could just plug the Myth box into that. A good plan! I had a nice Buffalo router that Keith had recommended for.. err.. other purposes… that haven’t panned out yet. It is bridge-capable (it is VERY capable of a lot). But the Dlink wouldn’t allow the bridge, a non-standard configuration. So following Keith’s recommendation, I picked up a second Buffalo from for $40. Everything went according to plan as I followed through the online bridging manual and tested out each step.

So now, finally, we have a new wireless connected Myth box, whoop!

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