Out with the old, in with the new comma A1 terabyte Samsung SSD to replace the Corsair it that kept preventing my laptop from restoring from sleep for the last couple years. That was fun! Also pulling out the stupid HDD so I get a little more battery life, with a little luck.

I just updated my Macbook Pro, removing the Super Drive and adding an SSD, following this awesome, concise and precise video.

It was as good a time as any to refresh everything.

Here’s the result:


These are a few of my favorite things…

And here is the partitioning to get it done:


Here are my highlights (cautionary tales, really) from the experience. I’m not taking the time to do a full writeup, since it was a specific upgrade, not a clean install, but add a comment if you have a specific question for me. (continued…)

The Digital Machine hive has moved, after massive disturbance to the nest. To chronicle the story… (continued…)

I took my time and tried to pick the best case I could for my MythTV box. I ended up picking an Antec case that included a beautiful chassis, great cooling features including separate airflow chambers and two large silent sidepanel fans, a generous mini-ATX form factor with just enough room for all the gear, silicone-cushioned drive mountings, and a couple cool bells and whistles – a large volume knob and LCD display panel.

I have loved everything about the case, but I always figured it was going to take some serious hacking to get the volume knob and LCD panel to ever work under linux. When I finally sat down today to tackle the job, I found out there was lots of support! Apparently the knob/LCD/infrared port combination are a packaged product called the Soundgraph iMon, and they have become a popular addition to many media center cases.

With a little guidance, I have the front panel totally hooked up to MythTV now, which does a great job of filling the display with all kinds of juicy information: the currently playing song, the currently playing TV show or movie, the current recording, the time (when otherwise idle), etc. To get the volume knob working, looks like I’ll need to rig up lirc mo betta…

From the “better than banjos” department… (continued…)