My domains just got a little more life in them. As in, an A rating from ssllabs, at least for the moment!



  • Problem: Time Warner has a monopoly on broadband here; they gouge you if you want a static IP; and they do thorough reporting of all IP ranges as dynamic to spamhaus, so no email servers from home folks
  • Problem: 1and1 has a horrible interface to maintain even a handful of domains, as you have to use a useless separate “packages” layer to get enough subdomains; they charge for email
  • Solution: Switched all domains to Google Registrar, which has a much better UI, supports subdomains, and allows domain name email forwarding for free
  • Solution: Once you have control over your domain email, StartSSL provides amazing easy free SSL certs; they have the BEST completely automated service and the best docs; my Apache site configs are now better organized, SNI-based, and the sites are getting great scores on ssllabs, thanks to using Mozilla’s “modern” recommendations
  • Solution: phabricator needs to run on its own domain, and with this new level of control, I can easily get that going; although curl and arcanist are picky about the CA store – I could NOT get them to work with the subdomain, at all, and I really tried – so I went with

A brave new world.  I love it when a plan comes together.

I have ONE option for high-speed residential service, Time Warner.

It’s $78 for 300Mbps, which is good.  But stick to consumption-only, you sad lonely couch potato.

If you want a static IP so you can actually PARTICIPATE in the internet, you’ll have to pay for “Business Class”, which is $129 for 15 up 2 down Mbps.  Yes, THIRTY THREE POINT OH EIGHT times more expensive.

(300Mbps / $78) / (15Mbps / $129) = 33.08

Here’s the email I sent back to the sales rep (who was a total sweetheart, by the way – she was not the problem):

Thank you so much Kathleen for setting this up.  I realize this is a full service contract, but as I mentioned on the phone, all I need in addition to my great residential service is a single static IP address.  I just can’t justify the cost.  I can set up a server with a static IP on Amazon’s AWS for one hundredth the cost.  Do you see the price structure changing any time soon?

I blame you the voter, for voting for ass-kissing politicians, who allow companies like Time Warner to pass their own legislation crushing community broadband effort.  P0wn3d!  😛

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