Mah new computer!!!!!!

coreyd writes…

“guess what? this is the Mikes nephew, who goes by corey d.

and he just got his new computer!! yay. hooray for him.(isnt talking in 3rd person fun?)

anyways. it cost just under 700 bucks. want the specs? o so you dont, well you will get them anyway.

amd athlon xp 2000
512mb pc2700 ram(ddr of course)
gforce 4 ti 4200 128mb ddr, golden sample.
some case.
Gigabyte mobo with raid, onboard sound and i think network card maybe,its just a good mobo.
and 1 80 gig hd, 7200rpm. Probably getting a second here very shortly.

and i think thats all, i already had the cd drives and that stuff.

corey d”

Lan Party ]I[

Roster: Jake, Chau, Frankie, Zac, Me, Wolfie, Bill
Games: Counterstrike, Warcraft ]I[, and (what we played just about all night)…

Jedi Knight ][: Jedi Outcast

Jake is the ultimate host, LAN’s us, feeds us, he does it all. This was Frankie’s last round for the summer. Come back and whup up on us real good again soon, boy.

nutha LAN party

At Jason’s again, what a host! This time it was me, Chau, Jason, Frankie, Zac, and a special guest appearance by Abhi! Frankie showed us how to play Counterstrike and Warcraft III. At least how to get dominated. More tronning. There was some Eternal Darkness, Descent, and Tribes ][ here and there for good measure. Finished up with Monkeyball, of course.

LAN party on, Garth!

Don’t know if ya can call it a party, there were only 3 of us, but…

Chau gave Jason and me a nice Tribes ][ clinic. I was on my afore-mentioned TI4200 board, and not to be outdone, Jason picked one up that very night (along with a $15(!!) copy of T2). Despite being completely out-GPU’ed, Chau skooled us real good.

Update: CHAU HAS FALLEN! :P See comments…

Update: CHAU HAS BACKUP! Aaaaaa!! Duck and cover!