Garland with Sammy

Beer Thursday at work!

Then Sammy said “come to Garland!” Big plans to follow, meetups for our favorite shows, and weekly Garland meals.

Ran into Victor at Buku on the way home. A good start to the Chicago birthday weekend!

Zach Deputy


ow or never, extra tickets, get em now…

Camera Yurt

Cara and I love the NCMA Park and have walked it many times, but this last weekend we made a new discovery hidden within: the Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky. Basically a huge vertical camera, a pinhole in the roof lets the sun and stars shine through to the floor and walls of the small yurt-like stone hut. We went in the middle of a blazing sunny day, and were rewarded with brilliant laser-like sunbeams. Which we of course used to comic effect. So fun.


Happy Day Womenfolk

…but truly every day is yours. These women rock me…

Reiley Ugly


Sleater Kinney

Jen Trynin

Kathleen Hoye


Liz Phair

Babes in Toyland

Courtney Love

Patti Smith

Beth Gibbons

DJ Baby Anne

Alanis Morriset


Kate Pierson

Etta James

Julianna Hatfield 3



Jane Weidlin

Ellie Goulding


Christina Agulera


Aretha Franklin

Debbie Harry

Joan Jett

Animal Show


Chrissie Hynde

Bikini Kill

Margo Timmins

Kim Gordon

Patsy Cline

Alison Krauss

Cara ❤

Sharing maths with friends

Cara Dan and Erik are sharp non-programming friends of mine. We share life’s trials and tribulations with each other. So I shared a little bit of my recent programming stupidity with them. Oops.

When you try to explain basic things developers take for granted, you realize that they aren’t always intuitive. :-)

9.0 OMD: Punishment of Luxury

Love this recent discovery. My old friends at their game, with the sample kits and synths of Skrillex and MGMT in their pockets. Full dynamic range electronica from the originators. Yes, please.

Beck’s Colors also in rotation. Nice and comfy. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, with Bruno Mars inspirations and production polish. But c’mon Beck, re-find your inner rebel, nobody does it better than you.  Debra is the ultimate rebel song.  Then, I hear a random single of his kick in on my Google music stream, he’s playing “Waiting on my man”, and all is well again in the world.  RIP Lou.

Also, old Gary Newman. Nostalgia is real.

10,000 moments of bliss

Two feet of snow as I flew into Chicago last weekend didn’t put a dent in the warmth of our weekend.

Here’s the timeline:


Thai couples massage

This technique made Cara and me feel even more bonded, if that’s possible. The giver gets as much as the receiver, always in a state of comfort and relaxation. We started with the receiver in traditional cat/cow of yoga, with – get this – the giver facing the sky, back to back with the receiver, and with every muscle completely relaxed. You become a weight to improve your partner’s relaxation and stretch. It just got better from there. Amazing baby, let’s do it again soon. 💘

Lyfe Kitchen

This is my favorite new trend – local food, prepped well, served with fast food convenience. B. Good in Raleigh is very similar. Cauliflower and brussel sprouts are our Chicago winter go-to.

Running around Chicago with Cara is always a dream. We were on the move, belly laughing and smiling like fools. Cara was determine to get me boots, as all I had were my canvas Keeps. I googled up some vegan kicks, and she found me the perfect pair on sale. Unreal.

Up close with 10,000 Maniacs

We saw 10,000 Maniacs at City Winery, a sweet little venue on some douche bag alley (endless bars and shops). I would put my best engineering assessment of my distance to Natalie Merchant’s pretty legs at 15 feet. She put the pretentious in their place right away, sharing that her first stop in Chicago was Goodwill to pick up the dress she was wearing. Nice choice! Check them out…


More dining fabulousness. The space was very open, yet totally romantic.

Isolation tank

Unbelievable. I’ll come back to this!

Amazing. Cara and I say it over and over: we’re so blessed and lucky.