Peasant Meals

I have become addicted to what I am calling peasant meals: fresh local veggies, some savory spices, all sauted and served on a bed of rice or pasta.  Today’s menu: local farm fresh okra and onions breaded with herbs and pan fried to perfection, on basmati rice:


Some other recent dishes are on this recipes page


Andrea heads to the beach

Andrea packed her bags and headed to the beach with her book club buddies this weekend. The girls and I (and Grammy on occasion) had fun playing Age of Mythology, Tribes, soccer, wrestling, cooking cinnamon rolls, walking the dogs, getting takeout at the Gillespies (including Guitar Hero and Carcassonne games), going for pizza with the Prevosts… wow, we did a lot! :>

Seitan from scratch

My favorite cookbook is called Friendly Foods, by the best vegan chef I know, Ron Picarski. I’ve sworn to cook everything in it before I die, but I’m not even halfway done. Ron turns non-vegetarian fare into “friendly” fare with style – his goal is not to imitate but to improve. One important ingredient he uses is called seitan, a great meat alternative made from the protein in flour. I’m currently obsessed with cooking, and because my zeal is an order of magnitude beyond reasonable, I attempted to make seitan from scratch.

Here’s the whole seitan production line.