FIFA Women’s World Cup is on fire

If you haven’t been watching, you should find the last two US games and catch up. The team is on fire! The games have been sensational, words cannot describe.

Japan and Sweden are tied up right now. If Sweden wins, the US will have to play a team that just beat them. If Japan wins, we’ll be watching the same sides that we saw live in the friendly here in Cary last month!

DO NOT MISS the final on Sunday! Go USA!

Meet the best women soccer players on the planet

These are the smartest players in the world. They will destroy you. Watching them move the ball is better than poetry.

And we hung out with them on Wednesday.

Literally. Even though the official roster for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team has just recently been announced, we were lucky enough to host a friendly with Japan at the Cary soccer park, right here in town – and we were 15 feet from the field! And after they shredded on the field for an hour and a half, they came over to hang out with their fans and sign autographs. The US Women’s National Soccer Team been doing this for decades. They are truly amazing people.

Don’t miss this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, starting in Germany on June 26th. 16 teams battle it out towards the final match on July 17.

Here’s Amy Rodriguez (who scored the first goal of the 2-0 victory) and Abby Wambach (my personal hero) signing Wren and Reiley’s jerseys. Holy crap.

Some U16 soccer drills

Here are some drills I’m going to try tonight:

  • Leading passes to the goal. Form two lines at midfield, one line in the center circle that starts with the ball. Center gives a leading pass to wing, wing gives a one-touch return, center performs a one-touch shot. Simple, but really helps with the timing on those critical passes!
  • 1v1 2v2 3v3 with one helper. Small field with small cone goals. Have to dribble into goal. Start with 1v1 with one helper that will return the pass to the passing team. Upgrade to 2v2 etc once control is established.
  • Run the gauntlet. Form two lines of players at equal intervals. Another player starts at one end, between the lines, and must pass and return to each player on each side. Once to the end, the player joins one of the rows, and the first person in the row runs the gauntlet next.

We’ll see how it goes. :>