Raleigh is ours

Regina and I walked from her old place to her new apartment at Peace that she will be in soon. It’s perfect. A 30 minute walk through the heart of Raleigh got us there. Raleigh was hopping today, with full parks, a set of Raleigh Astronomy Club telescopes beautifully filtering the sun (one showed dark spots, another had a hydrogen alpha filter that let us see solar prominences – unreal), live bands, noisy crowds, and sadly, lots of police (ahead of Tyre Nichols protests, Regina pointed out – a sad shameful ending to the walk).

The apartment is insane, right outside the door is the glorious pool, grills, a bar, the lounge with a theater, pool table and so much more. It’s basically the world’s biggest living room. Wow.

Earthquake, seriously?

I’m on the 10th floor in Progress Energy’s TPP building in downtown Raleigh, and we were SHAKIN’ for about 7 seconds today around 2pm. It felt like maybe a big truck hit the building or heavy equipment was operating on a nearby floor. Totally surreal… Everyone popped up out of shortcubeville like gophers. A few of us headed outside for a bit, and confirmed with spouses and kids that they felt it too. CNN reports the center was near Richmond, VA but was felt in NYC. An hour later we were back to work, but certainly on edge! Strange…