Chicago birthday party with Cara

Big break time!  I took the weekend in Chicago for my birthday, a nice long Friday through Tuesday weekend.  On the plane ride out I saw the biggest tablet I’ve ever seen.  Envy….

Christian and I had so much fun creating and destroying universes in the Universe Simulator, shooting planets at each other and colliding galaxies.    Just watch this guy lose his mind and you’ll have an idea of the fun.  (Now I have it in VR too, unbelievable…)

Cara and I always have a beautiful time, just existing in the short time and space we have together.  She found us a fantastic eatery, David Bowie approves.  Heading out with Christian and Christina, we found a whole world of Chinese lantern art, some of it huge.  We mostly own whatever city we are in, through walking.

On the plane ride home, I sat next to Melvin, who played football and trades stocks.  He saw me coding AbetterTrader, and told me about his system and his “mentor”, Tim.  They really have a good thing going – and they live in Raleigh, I’ll have to meet up with them soon.


Chicago and Perfect Weather

Didn’t think they went together did you? They sure as climate change did this weekend. Cara and I biked and walked all over the balmified windy city, doing yoga betwixt the skyscrapers on 100o F astroturf, getting my feet analyzed at Fleet Sports (and Cara’s new favorite footwear!), to Sweetgreens, through the Chicago Cubs fans exiting on a high (chanting “USA USA” suck it Trump), on to pure-lefty palsy-frisbee… Also: devouring Nepalese food and playing Roblox with Christian, and getting 100% down with Johnny Lang at the House of Blues. Whoo!

Birthday in Chigaaaaaaaaaago

Of course I don’t talk about my birthday!  No one my age would be so foolish.   But this one was too good, I can’t help myself!

Watching Guy King play the blues at Buddy Guy was smooth and delicious, Cara and I agreed his happiness was outright contagious.

On Saturday we flew kites in the famous Chicago lakefront wind, with hundreds of others on Cricket Hill.  Epic!

And on Sunday we ripped it up from downtown out to Northerly Island on the world’s most freewheeling Segway tour ever – our host was so cool and chill, the day was beautiful, and we covered miles jumping curbs and banking through fast turns.  Whoo!

Thanks baby for the best weekend ever.