Hate is a strong word

But today it is required.

Fishery bycatch rapidly driving Mexico’s vaquita to extinction
Great Barrier Reef Hit by Worst Coral Die-Off on Record, Scientists Say

And so forth and so on.

Let me clearly direct my hate: I hate selfishness, I hate Donald Trump, and most especially, I hate every single person who voted for Donald Trump, expecting more for themselves, to be generously doled out by the world’s most self-centered egomaniac. Everyone who voted for Trump has at least some of this quality of egocentrism, and I hate you for it. You are your own worst enemy, your ignorance will gain you nothing but destruction, and especially for those who are not already billionaires, you are absolute fools.

Our collective whole has been dealt a permanent, deadly blow. My firm belief in the ebb and flow eventually leading to progress has been shaken to the core. Now that we no longer are interested in pursuing the common good at a collective level, all I can do is sit back and see how far we head towards destruction. I am doubtful we will pull out of our nosedive. Let me know how it goes, I’ll be in my cave…