Happy Day Womenfolk

…but truly every day is yours. These women rock me…

Reiley Ugly


Sleater Kinney

Jen Trynin

Kathleen Hoye


Liz Phair

Babes in Toyland

Courtney Love

Patti Smith

Beth Gibbons

DJ Baby Anne

Alanis Morriset


Kate Pierson

Etta James

Julianna Hatfield 3



Jane Weidlin

Ellie Goulding


Christina Agulera


Aretha Franklin

Debbie Harry

Joan Jett

Animal Show


Chrissie Hynde

Bikini Kill

Margo Timmins

Kim Gordon

Patsy Cline

Alison Krauss

Cara ❤

Music Stream Scream Cave

Visiting Reiley last weekend was the straw that broke the pay-for-unlimited-streaming-music back.  We have AT&T unlimited data now, thank the good lord, and Google music is free for 3 months with my new phone, then $10/mo.  And the dam has broken.  The stream I just started was White Stripes Beck Cake Dandy Warhols Blur Beasties Weezer Smashing Pumpkins Violent Femmes Pixies back to back.  Easy listening.

On the other side of the coin is all the sweet sweet music of the streets of NYC on soundcloud.  Start with AnimalShow and step through their following list to more goodness.  Don’t miss Dave singing the blues, and Eli’s stuff it’s smart.

Animal Show is live and in the house

Animal Show on Soundcloud

I finally got out for an Animal Show in NYC! Landed on Friday and found BKLYN House Hotel, our base of operations for the long weekend that included a Reiley move.

We met Al for lunch/dinner at Loving Hut, which I will always be grateful for.  Hi Al!  Great to meet you.  :-)

First night, Reiley took me out to Bruno’s bar, Cape House, and he took far too good of us. His favorite, Fernet-Branca, a very complex tasty digestif, left me feeling far too happy and DJ’ing until 4am. I regret some song choices.

Saturday started out with recovery – sleeping and Champs breakfast in the afternoon – well worth the 30 minute wait for takeout of scrambled tofu, seitan strips, vegan sausage, hash browns, and coffee, which when combined made a miracle.

Al got a bass string replacement at Johhny Albino Music Center, and we picked up a tuner for Rei too.

We were ready to walk to the gig. Al said we are NOT getting an uber that is NOT Animal Show, awesome oops my bad, rofl… Reiley held out for Julian to skateboard up, and a ride with Dave that we heard rumble up from a couple blocks away. Dave’s southern charm had us all at ease and instantly smiling. This gang is beautiful and thick as thieves, I have to say.

The show was beyond high expectations, the videos speak for themselves.  SO GOOD.

The Brooklyn Bazaar venue was crazy fun on multiple stories.  Lower level was a barcade with pool and sweet potato fries that Eli and I had been obsessing over (and they payed off).  Upstairs was the stage and dancehall.  Highlights included the passing of the pink cowboy hat from stage to crowd and eventually landing on my head for most of the night. My first green room experience was full of friendly folks and free water (no drinking for me thank you!) and plenty of free second hand smoke, heh. Met Andy and Dale and Jonathan the MC, lots of band members including introducing myself to headliner Brianna who politely gave me a warm hello, spun on her heel, stepped up two steps to the stage, and crushed the audience within a moment.  After the bands played, Jonathan and crew hosted a dance party, with Reiley and the other band members as judges.  Reiley called me out to join the dance party!  I again proved my cowardice.  Next time I’m all in.  Dave drove us home, what a gentleman, and I hit the sack at 2am while everyone else carried on.

Sunday started with vegan donuts at Dun-Well the vegan donut Mecca, as I watched the owner pour hand-brewed french presses one after the other into a huge tub from which we filled our silk-creamer-primed cups.

Monday morning allowed for another donut indulgence, you can never get enough and its a good thing I dont live close…. Then Reiley and I went shopping for some basics, and finished up with a game of Palace, before I headed to the airport. Wow!

9.0 Jack White: Love Interruption

Jack White is all right.

“I feel a responsibility to the music; I’ve given myself away a long time ago. That’s what I do and that’s what consumes me every day. I can have a house and a car and have children, and I can go out to eat and do that stuff too, but it’s all second and third place to what I’ve already given myself away to. I can’t help myself.”

9.5 Beastie Boys: Make Some Noise

Yes I am a Beastie Boys fanboy. As Johnny Cash said so well, “until you know my shame you really don’t know me”. I grew up on New Jersey playgrounds, cursing (not “cussing”, that’s what rednecks in FL did) my head off since I was ten. To me, my brother’s actual name was jerk-off. I just didn’t know any better. I hit punk right on the mark around the age of 12 – I remember my dad walking into my room and hearing someone on my favorite NY radio station say something rude and what in the world was I listening to and me replying “I don’t listen to the words, just the music”. New wave was next and swept us all up, smashing molds and bringing sweet melodies and new sonic fabrics. And then came hip hop in the form of Run DMC and Beastie Boys and Public Enemy, and it was loud and strong, and continued to rip the fabric of everything that came before it – literally in this case. The industrial music of Ministry and Meat Beat Manifesto was the last great one for me. From then on, everything else was just recycling – Grunge, Shoegaze, LoFi, whatever – I’d heard it all before.

I guess this is the definition of being old. I have become one of those “classic rock” fanatics that I never understood during my youth. But when we were young, each of those early changes meant something to us, ripping off the lid on something brand new and knocking us to the floor, winded.

And I could feel my roots when I turned up the Beastie Boys. They are smart-ass New Yorkers with ADD. Like FAMILY. :P

If your sophomoric sense of humor remains intact, you may continue to enjoy their craft. This album went through extra refinement (due to MCA’s cancer battle, keep on good man) like a fine wine. Peace out to life-lovin’ cancer-fightin’ vegan-tryin’ Yauch, who directed this joint… WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT, this is not for women or children or anyone else with any sense or maturity whatsoever. Self-parody at its finest. And check the crew they brought for this one, stellar.