Hyperdrive season 1

This hot mess is a lot of chaotic fun, just don’t expect anything to be Olympic-level quality. Vroom vroom!

Rules: Watch all the qualifiers. Once the final 12 are named, each contestant ranks them first to last. Upon show completion, each contestant gets 12 points for each player, minus the number of slots you were “off”; e.g., 12 points if you picked the winner as the winner, and 1 point if you picked the winner as the loser.


Dan picks:
1. Joao
2. Atsushi
3. Brittany
4. Alex
5. Corrina
6. Sara
7. Diego
8. Fielding
9. Faruk
10. Axel
11. Alexandre
12. Jordan

Mike picks:
1 Joao
2 Diego
3 Brittany
4 Atsushi
5 Faruk
6 Jordan
7 Sara
8 Axel
9 Fielding
10 Alex
11 Corinna
12 Alexandre


Dan score1121314050586879.58899103109
Mike score1218293849576571.5809197106


He gets a website with user authentication, done by Mike.

9.0 Promising Young Woman

I found my militant feminist movie last night, after Hustlers failed hard to deliver on every level. Damn, some intense manhating. Good stuff, hahaha. Carey Mulligan continues to steal my heart.

About as dark as I Care A Lot, but with a solid theme: men are disgusting lustful gluttons.

MasterChef season 10

Let the contest begin!


Pick 1 keeper and 2 losers. Gain a point for each loser that leaves the show. Lose a point for each keeper that leaves the show.

You can pick anyone you want at the start of each show.

In the future, as agreed, if rules emerge, then we may update rules as agreed before the start of the episode.

If Mike wins, Dan endures an hour of Blender pair programming hell. If Dan wins, Mike sets him up a quick website with authentication.

UPDATE: Mike is a pussy who got tired of endless entrails of wasted animals and bailed out. Sorry, these “world class chefs” are Julia Child era dinosaurs.

Bri Baker, Dallas, Texas, Cocktail Server
Dorian Hunter, Cartersville, Ga., Creeler
Fred Chang, Redondo Beach, Calif., Revenue Analyst
Jamie Hough, Charleston, S.C., Fisherman
Micah Yaroch, Grand Rapids, Mich., Kitchen Porter
Nick DiGiovanni, Barrington, R.I., College Student
Noah Sims, Epworth, Ga., Septic Systems Foreman
Renee Rice, Ada, Okla., Receptionist
Sam Haaz, Philadelphia, Pa., Attorney
Sarah Faherty, San Diego, Calif., Former Army Interrogator
Shari Mukherjee, Rochester, Minn., Stay-at-Home Mom
Subha Ramiah, West Nyack, N.Y., R&D Director
Wuta Onda, Bronx, N.Y., English Teacher
Deanna Colón, Simi Valley, Calif., Vocal Coach (3)
Kenny Palazzolo, Boston, Mass., Carpenter (3)
Kimberly White, New York, N.Y., Shoe Designer (5)
Evan Tesiny, Brooklyn, N.Y., Sales Coordinator (7)
Liz Linn, Durand, Mich., Events Consultant (9)
Michael Silverstein, Pittsburgh, Pa., Real Estate Flipper (9)
Keturah King, London, England, Freelance Writer (11)
ScoreDan winDan loseMike winMike loseEliminatedDanMike
Ep3 2020
Ep4+5 2020
Ep6+7 2120



9.0 The Mandalorian

I have plenty of shade to throw at The Mandalorian. Specifically, at my old pal Jon Favreau for being such an obsessed douchebag carnivore. But you will not find, anywhere in present or past, anything, that has ever LOOKED so good! The background scenery has been optimized with an Unreal screen ring, and the foreground is inside the ring, lit to perfection. Nothing ever before has delivered such beautiful pixels … just … so satisfying to see…