Poetry flows…

Wren’s recent poetry assignment turned out this gem…

	I looked in the corner and there sat fear, small and hunkered,
	His big, googly eyes darting around the room, not missing a thing.
	I heard him, quietly, slowly mumbling to himself, staring blankly at the wall.
	When he stood up, his eyes darted toward me and stayed on me.
	He slowly strode across the room with big steps.
	Although his head was facing straight, his eyes stayed turned to me.
	I felt a little bit sorry for him, 
	But when he shut the door without a sound, I got the chills.

Girls ham it up

The girls have been whipping up creative little plays for us ever since they had a “dress-up bin” from which to pull costumes.  Here are scenes from “Little Dead Riding Hood” (with the Prevost clan) and “The Noodle Master” (with the Dobbs clan).  Best entertainment around!

Reiley’s epic play

Reiley did a great job performing in a 2+ hour epic play at church over the weekend. The play was written by one of the leaders of Reiley’s acting troupe, and spanned the entire history of the Bible, CNN-style. Our friend Keith is another of the leaders and he designed the stage. Creativity flows!

If I ever get any time (ha!) I’ll try to post some video…

The Ultimate PDA

I bought the kids a moleskin yesterday – the ultimate PDA! Now all their great artwork scribbles will be preserved! The only rule was that they have to share their work. Win-win!

Raleigh Chalk-a-thon

Raleigh had a fun event a couple weekends ago, where local artists were assigned sections of downtown roadway and sidewalk, given a theme (urban renaissance), and a bucket of chalk! Every section had a milk jug next to it, and you’d vote with your change for what you liked best. Our neighbor Kim earned a couple bucks from us with her entry, we liked it.

Kim's chalkwork

And it wasn’t limited to the artists – anybody could grab chalk and mark up one sidestreet, until it overflowed with creativity. The girls made some nice contributions:

Wren's chalkwork Reiley's chalkwork The street

Building Together

We got a kit to build a small brick house using a sandy gluey mortar, and spent a couple summer weekends on the back porch and kitchen table laying bricks. It was great family fun. We were all into it and worked together off and on until it was done. Our final creation!

modo madness

Mom and Grammy were out shopping. I was at home with the girls and started playing with modo. The girls thought it was the coolest thing ever. And it is, because they could sit right down and use it! I only gave them 10 minutes each, and here’s some of the silly stuff they made by deforming some of the canned objects…

reiley's racing chair Wrenny all of us