Got up this morning with Reiley and we went downstairs to have breakfast. While we were eating our Cheerios, I just happened to ask her if she had any dreams, expecting her to say no. She looked up at me with a crooked smile and emphatically said “Yes!” And it was a hilarious one. She was in the snow, and there were snow worms chasing her. She said they weren’t too big, and reminded her of icicles. She was outside and it was snowing, and saw something white with spots that was shaped like a jaguar. She saw giraffes as well. She ate some snow, “but it was WARM!” Then it seemed like she was inside, on a couch, and the snow worms were still following her, jumping onto a couch pillow she held. She said she wasn’t that scared of them, they couldn’t bite her, they just kept FOLLOWING her!

She asked me if I had had a dream. The only bit I could remember was Wren and Reiley playing on a dirty beach, and trying to get a bunch of people organized to get to the same place in three different cars, but no one was communicating so I knew we’d all get lost.

We concluded that brains sure get all kooky while you are sleeping. :P

Why is everyone so hostile?

The Ladies
OK, I was trying to be my usual goofball self but how could I predict such a severe backlash?! Top comments…

  • Andrea started the day off in the right direction with “By the way, that looks stuoooOOpid.”
  • Abhi only had two words for me all day: “French Painter!”
  • Chau was the first (but not last) to say “You missed a spot” and “Looks like you’ve got something on yer chin you forgot to wipe off…”
  • Mehdi was the most open-minded – “Looks playful, have fun with it!”
  • Then Mark grounded me again with “That’s f***ckin’ weird, dude”
  • Prashanth: “You look like Charlie Chaplin”
  • After I told Ginnie Beth what Andrea said, she immediately followed with “I agree with your wife” – thanks, GB – but then added “but it’s OK to look stupid”… very politic…
  • Zac: “I can’t even look at him”
  • William: “You and Doug will have to get together, you’re lookalikes!” Very funny William…
  • and the grand finale goes to Jason – “What the hell’s that?? Holy sh** you look like some old guy… What is that crap? You look really dumb.” followed shortly thereafter with “What’s up, Tom Selleck? You look like a 70’s porn star.”

    Don’t feel bad for me, though, I’m already plotting my revenge…

    Read on…

  • Annual ABB King’s Dominion Thingee!

    The family had a great time at King’s Dominion last weekend. The best part of the park is that there is a huge amount of stuff targeted towards younger kids. The Taxi rollercoaster is the perfect coaster to get kids started – so we went on it half a dozen times! There were dozens of other rides, too, that were just right for the kids. And the water park provided the perfect cooldown.

    At one point, we ventured out of Kidsville, as Reiley bravely agreed to try the log flume. She was quite scared as it approached the final peak… and then the ride broke down! She was so relieved. As a courtesy they gave us an “exit pass” that allows you to skip the line on a ride of your choice. So I got to use it on the “Volcano”, 30 seconds (if that!) of pure adrenaline surge. We finally made it home after midnight, exhausted!

    Racing Day

    We packed up the family and went to a local amusement park this weekend with our neighbors Jody and Scott, and their daughter Kayla. The kids rode the ferris wheel and climbed through the big tunnel structure. The big kids played laser tag. But the highlight at this place are the go karts. Watching Reiley drive herself around the track was surreal, with 15 seeming like it must be right around the corner for her. And everybody got to ride on the “dual” karts, with Wrenny and daddy rippin’ up the track and leaving everybody else in the dust! Next time I will bring the camera so I can share the fun here.

    Week off outta nowhere

    After spending 25 hours straight getting my part (the GUI) of our “power outage management” software through a gruelling “performance test” for Chicago’s electricity utility provider, my boss said “I don’t wanna see you for a week”. Ha, cool!

    So we spent the week swimming, ice skating, making cookies, making new “Age of Empires” scenarios, getting back to our new “alternative” movie theater, reading, and playing cards past the midnight hour hoohoo! It was a great, relaxing time.

    Hickman Family Reunion

    Andrea, Grammy and the girls are off to St. Louis for her cousin’s wedding. I will fly out to join them on the weekend. Should be a blast to finally meet all her family! But how will I remember all the names? Oh, just reference the handy dandy family tree Andrea drew for the girls! Now if only I was as good as they are at memorizing it all…