Braised Tofu Teriyaki from scratch

A note about oil, salt, sugar… There is enough in here to really please. Some would say it’s too much. If so, just be wary when you eat out, it is typically even heavier. The goal here is to improve on the healthiness and freshness of takeout without ruining it. :-)

  • Make your own Teriyaki sauce:
    • 8 Tbsp soy sauce
    • 3 Tbsp sugar
    • 1 Tbsp red miso
    • 1 cup water
    • ^ Heat and whisk until dissolved
    • Add garlic, ginger powder to taste
    • Add some corn starch (dissolved in a bit of water), boil to thicken, cool
  • Make your own braised tofu:
    • gently cut silken tofu into perfect flattened cubes
    • heat 2″ of avocado oil in a small tall pot to 375 to 400 degrees F (DO NOT BURN IT)
    • use a bent fork to lower each piece of tofu into the hot oil; don’t add too fast or too many or the oil temp will drop; keep them separated from each other; cook until brown (~3 min); remove each piece with fork and put on a plate to drain; save the oil, you should be able to reuse it a few times – when done, put in trash not drain!
  • Stir fry
    • Heat up your wok or skillet with your favorite oil
    • Add the braised tofu, make sure it’s crisp
    • Add your favorite veggies: bok choy, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, cabbage…
    • Kill the heat, GENTLY mix in a good dose of teriyaki, GENTLY fold it in, serve over rice or noodles or ramen and ENJOY.