[expectations rising] Attack of the Clones

[rant begin]
I came to the realization this morning that Attack of the Clones is going to be as big a downer as The Phantom Menace was…

because there is no hero to relate to!

From what the trailers have shown, it will be Anakin, not Obi-Wan, on center-stage vying for our attention. Who cares about some punk kid with a bad attitude on a downward spiral?

The real reason all 12-year-old boys loved “the real” Star Wars was the trio of characters at its center, and the real reason we all loved them was because we had not one, but two, heroes to idolize, compare, and contrast.

Attack of the Clones will be a great high-tech rollercoaster ride, after which we will get a queasy feeling in our stomachs from the continued void at the center of it all.
[rant end]

At least they nailed the beautiful-princess-with-moxie-to-spare thing. :P

UPDATE: OK, after watching all the TV commercials, I take it all back – this is going to be one heck of a good ride! :>

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