Dogproofing the cat litterbox room

Our most recently inducted family members Julian and Simon, being feline, desired a place to discretely excrete. But our dogs wanted none of that! Thinking fast, I recollected the experiences of our good friends and “cat people”, brother and sister Ken Etterman and Kimberly Welch. Both have had DECADES of feline/canine interaction experience in a full house environment, leading them to the same conclusion:


Hopefully all this experience can be leveraged for the masses! So without further ado, the DOGPROOFED CAT LITTERBOX HOWTO:

Step 1: Pick a room with a door for the litterbox. Any room will do, as long as it’s OK to always keep the dogs out of it.
Step 2: Attach a small hook to the inside of the door frame, as such:

Step 3: Tie a slipnot in a thick short string or rope, as such:

Step 4: Tie the other end of the string around the hook, as such:

Step 5: Slip the loop of the string around the doorknob, and adjust the slipnot so that your cat(s), but not your dog(s), can fit through the door, as such:

Step 6: You and the cats can come and go, the dogs are verbotten! Enjoy!

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