9.0 Human League – All I Ever Wanted

As a continuation of the 80’s nostalgia theme of Doug’s recent mix, I dug up this gem from a couple years ago. I have a few others that might make a nice response to Doug’s mix.

Still, I have to say that one of the songs Doug chose, New Order’s Krafty, is the pinnacle. It has had the replayability of Blue Monday, with no less than 4 gorgeous sweet bridges across the verses and choruses filled with upbeat lyrics.

Yes, nostalgia can have a saccharin aftertaste, but not on these nice new sweet goodies – pure sugar. HaHA!

6 thoughts on “9.0 Human League – All I Ever Wanted

  1. Well Mike…Krafty certainly is sweet…hope you enjoy my Pink Martini mix as it makes its way to you…a bit different than the last mix…but sweet nonetheless…

  2. And thanks for going!! Whooo!

    I feel like I’ve grown up with the beasties, through cocky youth to flaming liberal to parent. “And if you don’t like it then hey f you!”

    How much longer before you’re in the married category???

  3. Doug, Pink Martini is kickin’. And we now have a new theme song for our sweetest little dog whose name is Lilly! The whole family was singing it last night – “Lilly runs when you look away!” She was very excited to be serenaded. Thanks again my man!

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