9.5 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

From the “Chapter 19 and holding” department…

Inspired by the Gillespie family experiment, the Behrns-Millers have all decided to belatedly crank through all that is Harry Potter. We’re knee-deep in the books, audio books, and movies. Maybe they’re to blame for my recent lack of posts… :>

Anyway, there’s nothing better than belatedly consuming a long-running form of entertainment in huge gulps. DVD’s of full seasons of the better TV shows come to mind. But in this case, we’ve got a double-whammy of fun books and high-budget movies. Wren and Grammy started reading the books out loud, and the rest of us (Mom, Reiley and myself) have ripped through them together, taking in each movie once we had all finished the corresponding book. It’s been fantastic. The downside: there have been a not-insignificant number of slip-ups from yours truly, absent-mindedly blabbing out loud about some recent occurrence that others were just happening upon. So I am currently banned from any discussion of the topic. Also, it is a banned topic of conversation in any social setting, since the danger of spoilers is all around us. And this spurns us on to more accelerated reading, in the hopes that we can consume the art in the fashion intended by the artists that created the books and movies, sans spoilers. A bit obsessive perhaps, but alas, it is our way. :P

So I am currently trying to slow down. If we can all sync up on the chapters, perhaps the ban on my discussion can be lifted… we are nearing the end anyway… can’t…. stop…. reading……..

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