Batched update

Once again, behind the 8-ball…

Reiley performed with Third Day Players, she was awesome as the narrator and in the Baby Samantha sketches, I sold snacks and video-taped; finished soccer with Wren’s party at Coach Tom’s house; Ryan was fantastic in the incredibly well-done and intense play Bent; managed to bike to work and get a nice new pack for the bikerack; the girls and I are working our way through the first Professor Layton DS puzzle game; got a tetherball setup for my birthday, installed it in the back yard; canvased for Obama, voted – he won North Carolina by a “landslide”, way to go, NC!; whooped up on Andrea in Hera and Zeus, I’ve finally actually ahead in total games won – but she’s ready for revenge…; fixed the mythtv box after it kept getting overheated – pulled it out from the TV cabinet; the girls cooked dinner this week – several courses each! – including Reiley’s fantastic vegetable soup and multiple-layer parfait dessert and Wren’s strawberry shortcake with fresh-picked strawberries and made-from-scratch crust… unbelievably good!

I know there’s more I’m forgetting… whew…

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