Amazing Race 18 scorecard

Amazing Race returns! As do the contestants – they are all previous losers. I think that’s a great idea – I am sure they have all discussed the details for hours, and have all kinds of strategies to try out. Looks intense so far!

  • Pick the team you think will win, and pick the team you think will be eliminated next.
  • If your winning team is eliminated, you have to pick another. Least picks wins!
  • If your losing team is eliminated, you score, and get to pick another. Most scores wins!
Team Symbol
Jet/Cord – Cowboys C
Gary/Mallory – Father/Daughter G
Margie/Luke – Mom and deaf son L
Amanda/Chris – Engaged E
Keisha/Jen – Sisters S
Kent/Vyksin – Goth couple V
Flight Time/Big Easy – Globetrotters F
Jaime/Cara – NFL Cheerleaders N
Ronald/Christina – Father/Daughter R
Zev/Justin – Friends H
Mel/Mike – Gay Dad/Son M


Viewer Ep01 G/(C)
Ep02 H/E
Ep03 H/M
Ep04 L/(V)
Ep05 C/N
Ep06 G/L
Ep07 F/R
Ep08 H/(G)
Ep09 H/C
Ep10 F/V
Ep11 G/H
Larry F/L F/H F/H F/S
Jane C/N C/L C/F H/*V H/F G/F
Andrea M/L V/L V/R S*/V S/F
Mike R/G S/G
Wren F/N F/R F/V F/S
Reiley F/N F/R F/V F/S
Nick F/L F/R F/V F/S
Betty G/S
Winning choice won this leg of the race (used for tiebreaker)
-1 Winning choice lost this leg of the race (pick again)
+1 Losing choice lost this leg of the race (pick again)
+1 Winning choice won, and losing choice lost – PERFECT!
* Selection change (-1)

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