Some U16 soccer drills

Here are some drills I’m going to try tonight:

  • Leading passes to the goal. Form two lines at midfield, one line in the center circle that starts with the ball. Center gives a leading pass to wing, wing gives a one-touch return, center performs a one-touch shot. Simple, but really helps with the timing on those critical passes!
  • 1v1 2v2 3v3 with one helper. Small field with small cone goals. Have to dribble into goal. Start with 1v1 with one helper that will return the pass to the passing team. Upgrade to 2v2 etc once control is established.
  • Run the gauntlet. Form two lines of players at equal intervals. Another player starts at one end, between the lines, and must pass and return to each player on each side. Once to the end, the player joins one of the rows, and the first person in the row runs the gauntlet next.

We’ll see how it goes. :>

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