The Amazing Race 19 contest

Amazing Race returns, and let the next contest begin!

  • Pick the team you think will win, and pick the team you think will be eliminated next.
  • If your winning team is eliminated, you have to pick another. Least picks wins!
  • If your losing team is eliminated, you score, and get to pick another. Most scores wins!

The two prizes will be huge Trader Joe’s Belgian dark chocolate bars, or better if I get creative! Good luck, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

Team Symbol
Andy & Tommy – snowboarders S
Laurence & Zac – father/son Z
Kaylani & Lisa – showgirls K
Ernie & Cindy – engaged E
Liz & Marie – twins T
Jeremy & Sandy – dating D
Bill & Cathi – grandparents G
Justin & Jennifer – siblings J
Amani & Marcus – married A
Ethan & Jenna – survivors U
Ron & Bill – domestic partners P


Viewer Ep01 E/(G)
Ep02 S/U&P
Ep03 S/K
Ep04 S/(T)
Ep05 A/T
Ep06 S/(A)
Ep07 S/J
Ep08 E/Z
Ep09 A/?
Larry U/D A/D
Jane S/J S/A
Andrea Z/D G/D
Mike S/G
Wren S/K S/D
Reiley S/D
Nick U/P S/K S/D
Winning choice won this leg of the race (used for tiebreaker)
-1 Winning choice lost this leg of the race (pick again)
+1 Losing choice lost this leg of the race (pick again)
+1 Winning choice won, and losing choice lost – PERFECT!
-1 * Selection change
-1/+1 Winning choice lost and losing choice lost (double elimination!)

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