Cara’s birthday in Washington D.C.

Cara is so good at finding fantastic places to stay.  She found us the top story of a cute house in the best neighborhood in DC, just east of the Mall in Lincoln Park, an area full of cute tight houses of various flavors.  Ours was the second story of a fully appointed house – we had a stocked fridge and bikes to ride and everything else you could want.  Bike riding was definitely a highlight, we biked all around the Smithsonian and Capitol and White House (with middle fingers out) and African Museum and all the incredible sights packed together.

We saw a magic dual in “parlour” style at The Mayflower, a famous Hotel, and ate at Iron Gate, a romantic little swanky restaurant with an outdoor patio covered in lights and vines that made a custom vegan gourmet meal that was divine – i’ve never eaten chickpeas in the shell before, wonderfully steamed and spiced.

Weekends are ALWAYS so perfect with you, baby.  This one was somehow even better.

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