Just another perfect weekend

Another fabulous weekend with my fabulous girl.  <3

  • Friday: biked (!) over to Taverna Agora, Cara putting up with my faulty-steering flat-tired Schwinn, met up with Danno the Manno, fresh baba ganoush ftw.
  • Saturday: Hot yoga!  NC Museum of Art is a great haunt, we found a great African exhibit along with rediscovery of lots of their permanent collection, notably the fighter jet built from animated butterflies and flowers.
  • Sunday: Nice slow start, breakfast for lunch at Flying Biscuit, Cara helped me pick out some sweet Kuhl and Patagonia threads for work from Great Outdoor Provisioning while we waited.
  • Monday: delicious Latin American dinner at So Ca, sister restaurant of bu-ku – both have special vegan menus, make sure you ask!
  • Tuesday: nice lazy day, geocaching and Tor’ring, then out to the completely reliable Neomonde for a delightful veggie platter enroute to the aeropuerto.  Fireworks by myself though.  :-(

Miss you baby!

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