Avon and the art of motorcycle repair

Real sports for kiteboard watching and a wrap

Aussie food truck free.coffee

Donna yoga on the beach sunrise

Nice good old boy pulled us from sand trap bought him beer

Walked a mile to beach, nailed the Nemo, extra poles

Sat at edge of tide, let it wash into us on the top of a steeeeeep bank.

Jamaica convenience cafe man scared us when I changed my order. Saw pinball and video games and poptart slippers and beers and…

Saw the sand motel

Swam and body surfed in huge waves, dragging feet to keep from getting rolled, or floating on back, so fun

Cooked tofu and veggies, pancakes and sausage, made so much coffee

Bluetooth speaker jams

So many sand crabs on the beaches! Sand pipers, gulls, a pack of crows… On sup, saw sting ray, crabs, seaweed beds, pelicans. So many dogs too! And cat alley.

On drive and hike into triangle of state Park land, saw beautiful green snake yay! And spiders. No beach in site, lol

Got extra Nemo poles for Anderson’s

Pelican limerick, kucuberaa sits on the electric wire, tears in his eyes cause his pants are on fire.. laugh kb laugh kb, gay your life must be

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