Week off outta nowhere

After spending 25 hours straight getting my part (the GUI) of our “power outage management” software through a gruelling “performance test” for Chicago’s electricity utility provider, my boss said “I don’t wanna see you for a week”. Ha, cool!

So we spent the week swimming, ice skating, making cookies, making new “Age of Empires” scenarios, getting back to our new “alternative” movie theater, reading, and playing cards past the midnight hour hoohoo! It was a great, relaxing time.

Choosy customers choose PRICEWATCH!

> This is a reminder to email your brother since your brain is not
> functioning! He wants the complete specs, price list, and photos of the
> PCs that you are constructing! Give him the vendor web sites and do it
> NOW!!! If this doesn’t get you to remember, then I will never speak to
> you again!
> Does that jog your memory? eh? ;-)

OK punk, here it is, read it and weep. BTW, all this comes from

W W W . P R I C E W A T C H . C O M

which is where all hardcore pc enthusiasts do their shopping.

Just be ready to put a stop on your credit card if ya get screwed by some random “entrepreneur” hoooohoooo!

Today’s prices, INCLUDING SHIPPING (tomorrow’s will be cheaper):

mobo $129 http://www.gameve.com/store/gameve_viewitem.asp?idproduct=334
cpu $108 http://www.tcwo.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_prod.html?p_prodid=1390 (get the $20 heatsink/fan)
mem $ 66 http://www.edgemicro.com/go.asp?&ic=PC2100256
case $ 77
(get two extra case fans)
vid $152 http://avlogic.com/product.cgi?code=11002239
hd $ 70 http://www.esystor.com/shop/IPS003.asp?ProCd=HASAM6003H&LClssCd=000&LClssNm=
$602 TO YOUR DOOR! All you need is a screwdriver. :>

UPDATE: Check the comments for a warning on the CPU component.

LAN party on, Garth!

Don’t know if ya can call it a party, there were only 3 of us, but…

Chau gave Jason and me a nice Tribes ][ clinic. I was on my afore-mentioned TI4200 board, and not to be outdone, Jason picked one up that very night (along with a $15(!!) copy of T2). Despite being completely out-GPU’ed, Chau skooled us real good.

Update: CHAU HAS FALLEN! :P See comments…

Update: CHAU HAS BACKUP! Aaaaaa!! Duck and cover!

Riding the Rails

Me folks visited for a short while recently. My pop’s still hard at work on his novel about the kids that spent a lot of time “riding the rails” during the Great Depression. He’s actually doing some research on his travels right now, and then the ‘rents are swinging back around to stay overnight on Thursday. I will try to get him to let me post a bit of the book on here soon…

What’s with the 707 logo?

SquidBoy writes “What, you some kinda gang bangah? I don’t get it? :-)”

My wife no likey my little PopWillEatItself dude either. Geesh, that’s 2/3 of all the people that have ever (or will ever) look at this site. How about some suggestions for my new weblog mascot then? In the meantime, I cut him down to size…