Kurt, Curb, Burger Barn

In a lot of pain lately. Thankful for my black comedy friends, there is no better medicine.

Only discovered Curb Your Enthusiasm a month or so ago, binged every last episode.  Larry David has definitively proven that the perfect length of a joke is 38 minutes.

Once in a while, an old gem reappears, thank you John C. Reilly you are a genius.

And Kurt. My life would be so much poorer without you…

From Breakfast of Champions, published 1973. The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Painful memories 1

On one of my ex’es birthdays many years ago, I had spent the week earlier working on an artistic rendition of a poem by one of her favorite poets, sadly scrawled on the largest canvas I could think of, the drywall in the garage. I added a simple happy line of my own at the end. When I took off her blindfold to reveal the surprise, she was horrified that I had the arrogance to pervert such perfection. Soon after, as her disgust grew, I painted it back over in white and shame.

I can remember neither the poem nor the poet.

Update: It turns out there is precedent, thanks to a belated unearthing of yet another Vonnegut gem. However, I cannot hold KV directly responsible for the transgression, as he always breaks the fourth wall via a safety net named Kilgore Trout, or in this case, his son or some such, who writes:

If only I had the balls to own it like Kurt…

Coen catchup

Picked up on a few more Coen gems recently:

  • rewatched Burn After Reading
  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
  • Gambit (written by, not directed)

Such good fun, from Tom Waits yelling “you measly skunk!” to Cameron Diaz’s ridiculous drawl to Brad Pitt crazy jamming to his Walkman drinking Jamba Juice…

Welcome to Raleigh, Weaver Street Market!

Finally got back on my bike today. I love my bike. It’s the tires. At over 100psi and just the right thinness, with Kevlar to keep the flats away, it’s the fastest way around downtown.

My adventure was only 2 blocks. That’s the distance to anything downtown, in my estimation. To misquote Everett from Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, “what a geographical oddity, 2 blocks from everywhere!” But in this case I’m not too far off.

Weaver Street Market opened in Raleigh today at 10:30am, and I was there to become a member (and get a t-shirt!). Sure I have everything delivered, from Purple Carrot to Papa Spuds to (embarrassingly) Amazon… so it’s a double win as it will get me off my ass and get me better produce.

I’m over 100 days in on this round of GI troubles, which means no meals all summer. My food comes from a bag on my back. Sad. So I’m obsessing about better days head. I read all the local restaurant menus, look into vegan meetups, I read cookbooks… I’m also targeting the oldest farmers market around, 2 blocks away (honestly it is), which has evaded me as it is only open Th-Sat. Wish me luck towards finding a better day! Peace.

Raleigh Diamond Life

You rule in the way that I move…

I am pretty angry a lot of the time. Greed is a virus in an epidemic. The only vaccination is kindness, and I can’t seem to find enough of it. Except when my baby is in town…

You only can rescue me…

Holding her hand, we discovered an amazing sleeper of a play, walked home from the Performing Arts center between the raindrops under one umbrella, Lime scootered over to Dave’s Dumplings, where we were remembered by the waitress “because I never forget the face of a beautiful girl”, precisely… and walked NCSU campus, where we discovered an empty sparkling mist-enshrouded hideaway of brick pathways through cultivated natural grasses.

We covered much of Raleigh over the weekend, walking and scootering to lots of our favorite places, including Raleigh Raw for a smoothie, First Friday at Artspace, Gringo A Go-go, Happy & Hale, Morning Times.

Blissful. Thank you baby for bringing me such happiness.