9.5 Cashback

“Every minute counts.”  This film is “stop and smell the roses” taken to a literal level.  The characters are great – like in Extract, normal folks blown up just a little bit, each one given enough depth so you can warm up to them.  You’ll have to be able to tolerate a fairly pervasive nudity theme – at one point I was wondering “Am I watching Choke”? – but the protagonist, as well as the film, has a heart of gold.  And a beautiful unique style.  I won’t say any more, check it out.


Another (non-)romantic comedy worth mentioning is “(500) Days of Summer” and of course you should see it, it’s mostly the camera fawning over Zooey Daschanel, what is not to love?  What a guilty pleasure.  But don’t bother with the Coen Brothers’ latest, A Serious Man – seriously, guys?  Cut the art house b.s. and get on with excelling again.

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