Amazing Race 16 scorecard

Ready for the next Amazing Race contest?! Sadly, after the first couple episodes, this looks like the season with the theme of “Low IQ”… nonetheless, here we go!

  • Pick the team you think will win, and pick the team you think will be eliminated next.
  • If your winning team is eliminated, you have to pick another. Least picks wins!
  • If your losing team is eliminated, you score, and get to pick another. Most scores wins!
Team Symbol
Jet/Cord – Cowboys C
Monique/Shawne – Moms/Attorneys A
Dan/Jordan – Effeminate Brothers E
Louie/Michael – Detectives D
Joe/Heidi – Married J
Steve/Allie – Dad/Daughter S
Jody/Shannon – Grandmother/Granddaughter G
Jordan/Jeff – Newly Dating from Big Brother
Brent/Caite – Dating Models M
Dana/Adrian – High School Sweethearts H
Carol/Brandy – Dating Lesbians L


Viewer Ep01 N/H
Ep02 C/G
Ep03 C/A
Ep04 D/(N)
Ep05 D/J
Ep06 D/N
Ep07 S/(C)
Ep08 C/S
Larry N/L N/L C/L
Jane C/E C/E
Andrea A/M D/M
Mike C/E C/M
Shelley N/ D/M
Winning choice won this leg of the race (used for tiebreaker)
-1 Winning choice lost this leg of the race (pick again)
+1 Losing choice lost this leg of the race
+1 Winning choice won, and losing choice lost – PERFECT!

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