Time to clean up the lungs

Jan 18th 2010: Scan today showed a lung tumor ‘the size of an apricot pit’. Getting it cut out in mid-February. Have no fear, we’re on it…

UPDATE Feb 20th 2010: I’m sitting in the hospital bed with only two tubes left stuck in me, feeling fit as a fiddle. Dr. Levine sliced through my ribcage on my back and pulled out every bit of the tumor. And I received comments from two different docs about my fantastic muscle cage around my lungs. Larry took the pic, and Gary measured the scar – 8.5″, the ladies are impressed! Click through if you feel brave enough to see it. ;-)

15 thoughts on “Time to clean up the lungs

  1. Hey Mike! Just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and most definitely our prayers.
    We missed your Christmas card this year! The girls are getting sooo big, I can’t believe Wrenny is already eleven! It is amazing how time flies.

  2. Thanks Terry, I know it. The kids are all getting so big, they’ll be moving out before we know it!

    With Facebook all the rage, we didn’t really send out a Christmas letter this year… I think Andrea sent a belated ‘Epiphany’ letter to a few disconnected folks. ;-)

  3. Hey, Mike!, nice drainage..That is quite an impressive scar. would you care to go toe to toe..my back and skull against your tummy and back–awwww… you might win–oh,WAIT! I have a tummy one too–2 drainage bulbs then..makes me think of There Will Be Blood…drainage!!!
    Glad to see that you are on the mend again–we are so thankful to God for his steadfast care…
    With love, Kimberly

  4. “’even with the scar’??? Scars are sexy, my friend.”

    Maybe, but …

    You are sexy, my friend.

    “This is Radio Clash …”

  5. Thanks for coming to my birthday party in Florida and leaving 2 days before this surgery.God is Good and gave you healing once again.
    We sure did have a great visit with you and your 3 favorite girls.
    Thank you,Lord for the healing.
    Thank you friends and family for all the prayers.
    We love you Michael!
    You Mom, the or nurse–great looking scar–I think

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