Andrea and I bought the farm

And it’s a beauty… more pics forthcoming… but for now I’m busy…

  • replacing the battery on my mothaflippin’ John Deere tractor
  • figuring out where the brake is on the tractor as a gorgeous, huge blacksnake decided to hide under it
  • watching a gaggle of geese… ON MY PROPATEE
  • knocking down a wall in the horse stalls to ready it for twice the number of horses…
  • just in time to have our three crazies show up, and the old girl Deba to show them the ropes
  • running for cover as the four horses of the apocalypse duke it out over who eats first – scary!
  • staring at the fence aisle at Tractor Supply for 2 hours trying to wrap my head around all the options
  • using said equipment to actually build a fence – successfully, with Richard’s help – around my 7 tractor “implnts” (implements)
  • basking in the beauty of it all as the sun goes down on some hard days’ work!

We’ll still be in shock for a little while longer, but pretty soon y’all better come on down and see us, ya hear!

17 thoughts on “Andrea and I bought the farm

  1. Ok John, here’s a bird’s eye view on bing, looks like winter time though as it’s not very green:

    I dropped a video on the blog, too, hopefully it will work for someone but you’ll have to cross your fingers that my lil’ server doesn’t blow up.

    Thanks everyone for the congrats! Come on by and have a sweet tea with us. :>

    1. Sorry Erik, good point, I guess I’ve done more off-roading than I realized. :-)

      We’ve got room in the pasture for a balloon landing, fly on down and see us!

  2. Thanks Jen and Jane for the blueberry bushes! Brilliant. ‘Winning!’

    oh, they were for Andrea…? ok… i will share…

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