Chicago beckons again

Another escape to our big city.

On Friday, we floated at Float 60, maybe the fourth time, and I immediately took to the sensory deprevation saltwater float and let. everything. go. I can’t say how many times I drifted off and back, with a twitch, but the entire eternal hour was spent recharging and restoring my spirit from exhaustion. I guess I’ve hit the sweet spot, I’m good at it now.

Saturday, we went to an amazing dance troupe’s three-part show. First was classical, with a rework of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, the classic rock of classical. The second was like a lost Depeche Mode b-side instrumental click track from the Black Celebration era, with clock ticks and dropping bass mixed in brilliant synchopation. Third act was negro spiritual based, and like the while show, beautiful and mesmerizing with the flexibility and strength of the beautiful dancers on full display.

Sunday was more beautiful rest. As Cara and I often say, we are so blessed and lucky. ❤️❤️❤️

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