Senator Michael Bennet says what’s needed

Medieval Wall, meet Senator Bennet

“If you think your job is to dismantle the government, as the Freedom Caucus does in my view, then a 9% (Congressional) approval rating suits you just fine. Because you get to go home and say … “see what idiots all those guys are?” While you take your pay. While the federal workers are not getting paid… And there has been an effort to separate government from the American people. Because it’s corrupt (and I believe it is)… Populated by a bunch of self-interested politicians… But it is NOT separate. We live in a democratic republic. The founding fathers knew we would have disagreements. And they did too. But what they believed at their core, was that through our disagreements, we would forge more imaginitive, and more durable solutions than any king or tyrant could come up with on their own.”

Hear hear.

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