Chicago beckons again

Another escape to our big city.

On Friday, we floated at Float 60, maybe the fourth time, and I immediately took to the sensory deprevation saltwater float and let. everything. go. I can’t say how many times I drifted off and back, with a twitch, but the entire eternal hour was spent recharging and restoring my spirit from exhaustion. I guess I’ve hit the sweet spot, I’m good at it now.

Saturday, we went to an amazing dance troupe’s three-part show. First was classical, with a rework of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, the classic rock of classical. The second was like a lost Depeche Mode b-side instrumental click track from the Black Celebration era, with clock ticks and dropping bass mixed in brilliant synchopation. Third act was negro spiritual based, and like the while show, beautiful and mesmerizing with the flexibility and strength of the beautiful dancers on full display.

Sunday was more beautiful rest. As Cara and I often say, we are so blessed and lucky. ❤️❤️❤️

Center for Biological Diversity Raleigh Meetup

I created a Raleigh-based meetup group for the Center’s Ignite Change action network. I’m excited to keep it going! (even though the first meeting was a bust because I cluelessly scheduled it to start at the exact moment that the Superbowl started! Doh.)

Here are some teasers for what’s to come. Tropic cascade is a fairly recent famous exciting biological observation showing that apex predators have complex positive effects on the layers of flora and fauna under them. Most famous is the example of the effect of wolves re-introduced to Yellowstone. Here is the link, followed by the TED talk of the guy who basically narrated it before it was brilliantly captured with Yellowstone footage. And more and more real-world amazingness. Fight for it!!

Senator Michael Bennet says what’s needed

Medieval Wall, meet Senator Bennet

“If you think your job is to dismantle the government, as the Freedom Caucus does in my view, then a 9% (Congressional) approval rating suits you just fine. Because you get to go home and say … “see what idiots all those guys are?” While you take your pay. While the federal workers are not getting paid… And there has been an effort to separate government from the American people. Because it’s corrupt (and I believe it is)… Populated by a bunch of self-interested politicians… But it is NOT separate. We live in a democratic republic. The founding fathers knew we would have disagreements. And they did too. But what they believed at their core, was that through our disagreements, we would forge more imaginitive, and more durable solutions than any king or tyrant could come up with on their own.”

Hear hear.

Brisk Chicago weekend

I love the bracing cold, nothing feels better than warming up afterwards. We made great use of that this weekend, with quick trips to Float 60, karate, the new location of the Chicago Diner, Southloop Market, Pot Belly, and lots of warmup time with Beat Sabre, Rummicube and Roblocks. Thanks you two for being such smashing hosts. <3

Vote against NC ammendments

Our ballot is stuffed with hillbillyisms from the extreme right. Please be kind to animals, and get out and vote them all down. These people are just mean, to man and woman and any creature at all that they can bully for personal gain.

Oak Island 2018

Cara Christian and I spent a week on the beach this year. My cousin Mark Sowa recommended Oak Island and Cara found us the perfect spot, from the thousands available. The beach starts at the south end of the NC outer banks beaches, and tracks pretty much straight west from there.

We checked all the boxes of a perfect sea-soaked getaway, from skim boarding and boogie boarding and frisbee and paddle ball on the beautiful wide beach right outside our door, with a huge tented umbrella as our base, to surf shops for sunscreen and board shorts and skim boards, from sun burning to bronzing and browning, to recuperation on a perfectly shaded second-story-balcony view over the dunes and grasses to the beach and nightly sunsets, to a breakfast at Old Bridge with all the locals, to Italian dinners at Castucci’s, to endless breakfasts lunches and dinners from the trunkload of groceries we brought in, to tons of multiplayer Beeswarm Simulator and Gary’s Mod (Christian you rock!), to a spontaneous adventure to Bald Head Island that turned into an amazing DOT ferry ride to an incredible natural maritime forest tour via golfcard (where we stopped to see a family of small deer cross our path, including a curious fawn, before they disappeared into the reeds…) to a 5-story run up to the top of the oldest lighthouse in NC, to fresh Raleigh-roasted Larry’s Beans and locally-roasted The Rooster and The Hen french presses, to Frosty’s frozen goodness, to the healthy and local goodness we found at Inergy, to the best tacos and burritos ever at Kai-Joe’s, to a boat tour of the Atlantic and the Cape Fear River and the Intracoastal Waterway and all its sights, ending with the most beautiful sunset. Blissful.