Dogproofing the cat litterbox room

Our most recently inducted family members Julian and Simon, being feline, desired a place to discretely excrete. But our dogs wanted none of that! Thinking fast, I recollected the experiences of our good friends and “cat people”, brother and sister Ken Etterman and Kimberly Welch. Both have had DECADES of feline/canine interaction experience in a full house environment, leading them to the same conclusion:


Hopefully all this experience can be leveraged for the masses! So without further ado, the DOGPROOFED CAT LITTERBOX HOWTO:

Step 1: Pick a room with a door for the litterbox. Any room will do, as long as it’s OK to always keep the dogs out of it.
Step 2: Attach a small hook to the inside of the door frame, as such:

Step 3: Tie a slipnot in a thick short string or rope, as such:

Step 4: Tie the other end of the string around the hook, as such:

Step 5: Slip the loop of the string around the doorknob, and adjust the slipnot so that your cat(s), but not your dog(s), can fit through the door, as such:

Step 6: You and the cats can come and go, the dogs are verbotten! Enjoy!

Riding the Rails

Me folks visited for a short while recently. My pop’s still hard at work on his novel about the kids that spent a lot of time “riding the rails” during the Great Depression. He’s actually doing some research on his travels right now, and then the ‘rents are swinging back around to stay overnight on Thursday. I will try to get him to let me post a bit of the book on here soon…