Rei and Dad cook: Miso theme

Today Reiley and I shopped (and shopped and shopped – took us three times to remember everything :>) and cooked a full-course meal, with the common ingredient being miso, a delicious bean paste popular in Asia.  The menu:

5 thoughts on “Rei and Dad cook: Miso theme

  1. Wouldn’t be the same without the pics of Betty and Reiley being so campy! :)
    Too bad I can’t have seitan (gluten alert)…

  2. FYI–I found the daikon at Harris Teeter (the one by RLC).

    Another question about the Cuban Black Bean Stew–we don’t like the green peppers. Do you think jalapenos or an other hot pepper might be good as a substitute? (Maybe roasted poblanos?)

  3. Yeah, defintely! Gotta make it yours! :> That actually sounds like a great idea, give it a little kick! Let me know how it turns out!

  4. Hey, Asian grocery stores have very firm prepackaged tofu, I wonder if that would hold up as a seitan substitute… it wouldn’t absorb the flavor as much, but it might work…

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